Something’s Thriving in Denmark

There are a lot of pretty incredible things about Denmark, from the country’s Viking heritage to having invented Legos (and having a pretty sweet Legoland too, from what we hear!). But what we are truly obsessed with in Denmark isn’t their cool toys or their Smørrebrød (though we love that too), but their amazing Kedel automated wood pellet boilers.

Kedel boilers, manufactured by NBE in Denmark, are helping a lot of Mainers go green and reduce their oil use and their heating bill by heating their homes with Maine-made wood pellets. NBE founders Kim Gregersen and Jannich Hansen started designing Kedel in 1999 in their garage, and today over 50% of the wood pellet boilers in Denmark are made by NBE. NBE has more than 50,000 wood pellet boilers in operation throughout Europe and the US today, helping homeowners reduce their bills and their home’s carbon emissions without the very high installation cost of other wood pellet boilers.

Every year, Kedel dealers from all over the world convene at NBE HQ in Sæby, Denmark, to train on Kedel’s latest improvements and learn about new products and features. Let’s check it out:

Kedel Boiler Being Built in Denmark

An NBE technician works on the body of a Kedel Boiler at NBE’s manufacturing facility in Denmark,

Kedel Training in Denmark

Here we are at Kedel HQ in Denmark learning about software and controls upgrades on Kedel’s wood pellet boilers with Kedel dealers from all over Europe and New England.

Focused Group Training at NBE

Our big group broke down into smaller groups for more focused software training.

New Kedel RTB Boilers

These new model Kedel RTB Boilers are lined up like environmental soldiers ready to fight the war against climate change!

New Bulk Pellet Hoppers from NBE

These new wood pellet hoppers for boilers with bulk delivery service boast aluminum frames that are lighter and less bulky than wood frames.

New Kedel Boiler Vacuum System

NBE was happy to premiere their new vacuum system during our training week, which addresses some of the functional issues with past vacuum systems. We’re very excited to debut this new technology in the US!