Our Story

Our Story Timeline
Interphase Energy was created by a group of people committed to making a difference for the environment.In 2001, before Interphase Energy, core members of the Interphase team started a solar energy business that also installed high efficiency wood, pellet and gas boilers. That business, ReVision Energy, went on to become the leading Solar installer in Northern New England, and now employs over 60 people in Maine and New Hampshire.In 2008, ReVision Energy’s wood, pellet and gas division expanded into their sister company, reVision heat. reVision heat is dedicated to reducing the amount of fossil energy needed to heat Maine’s homes by installing  pellet boilers, heat pumps and high efficiency natural gas systems.It was through reVision heat’s efforts that we became acutely aware of the need for an affordable, reliable and efficient boiler that did not require excessive interaction. We offered fully automated boilers but they cost $20,000 plus to install. We also installed less expensive boilers, around $10,000 but they required  keeping the oil boiler and daily interaction. Needless to say, we were frustrated and actively looking for a better solution.In our search to find a reasonably priced pellet boiler that contained all of the functionality we required, we found NBE, a company that makes pellet boilers and distributes them throughout Europe under the name Blackstar. NBE was looking for a partner in the U.S. to bring their technology to our market.  We set up a meeting and the folks from NBE came to our office to see if we might be interested in importing their boiler.Ryan Hamilton, one of Interphase Energy’s Managing Partners, hopped on a plane to check out NBE’s boiler. After reviewing the advanced manufacturing centers and speaking with many installers and home owners in Denmark, it became obvious that this is a quality product built to the  standards we have come to expect in North America. Ryan learned the Danish team was started by Jannich, who used to be a hog farmer, and Kim who was a plumber. As true entrepreneurs yearning to help fellow Danes and looking for a better life, they saw the high cost of oil as an opportunity and they started developing a pellet burning boiler.Kim and Jannich’s efforts led them to creating NBE, which now, 12 years later, has over 30,000 pellet boilers installed throughout East and Western Europe.Our team created Interphase Energy to bring NBE’s pellet boiler technology to the North American Market as Kedel, and, in so doing, help create a brighter future that uses less fossil fuel.