Why Kedel

Kedel is an Investment in Our Future

Why Kedel Pellet Boiler

It’s Time to Transition off Oil

Kedel is an affordable and reliable pellet boiler that will completely replace your current heating system. Pellet heat is very similar to oil heat in function; it heats the building and hot water comfortably using much of the existing infrastructure. The world is moving away from expensive and polluting fossil fuels. By utilizing local and renewable resources, Kedel is a practical and sustainable solution that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

At Last, a Central Heating Pellet Boiler you can Afford!

Economics of Pellet Boiler

Economics of Owning a Kedel

With today’s heating fuel prices increasing at an alarming rate, it makes economic sense to heat with pellets. Installing a Kedel will cost between $2,000 – $5,000 more than installing a comparable fossil fuel boiler, but the cost of operation is significantly less. According to the Maine.gov heating calculator, converting from oil to pellets will save you around $1,600 per year*. With savings like that, you will easily make up the extra installation costs in 2-3 years, then have the extra income to do things you enjoy more than buying oil.*Your savings will vary

Life is Always Changing, now Your Heating System can tooKedel Grows with You

Kedel Grows with You

The most automated Kedel requires minimal interaction, but costs more up front.  We are delighted to offer modular pellet feed systems that will evolve with you. Each system starts with the same dependable Kedel boiler complete with its stunning list of standard features. The pellet storage and conveyance systems are interchangeable, allowing you to start at a price you can afford. To learn more, talk to your Kedel dealer about upgrade and equipment buy back options.

Kedel Conforms to Your Central Heating System

Retrofit Central Heating System

Retrofit Your Existing Heating System

Kedel pellet boilers are designed to take advantage of your building’s established central heating infrastructure. Whether you heat with forced hot air or water, Kedel can be used. With forced hot air, an air handler is added to the pellet boiler to allow your boiler to heat both water and air so you can keep your building’s warm air distribution system plus heat hot water or run new hydronic lines where needed. For structures without established distribution systems, new distribution may be needed. Let us help you find a local dealer who can help you figure out the details.