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Love the Way You Heat.

RTB Boiler and HopperEnd Your Reliance on Fossil Fuels for Good

Kedel is an affordable and reliable pellet boiler that will completely replace your current heating system. Our boilers can be configured in many different ways to meet your budget and heating needs – even in the harshest of cold climates! By relying on our highly efficient pellet boilers and burning local and renewable pellet fuel, you can save money, while also increasing your comfort.  What’s more is that with Kedel you will reduce your carbon footprint for heating by about 90%!

Choose the Kedel that Meets Your Needs & Budget

We offer boilers in three different sizes. Each can be configured with any of our pellet storage possibilities to provide a system that fits your lifestyle, budget and space.


Kedel RTB 54

Range: Up to 54,000 BTU (Input)
Efficiency: 87% (Class 5)
Heats: Up to 1,500 sq/ft.
Replaces:  850 gallons of oil or 1,300 gallons of propane per year
Pellet Consumption: Up to 7 tons per year.
Width: 20 inches
Depth: 33 inches
Height: 40 inches

Kedel RTB 102

Range: Up to 102,000 BTU (Input)
Efficiency: 87% (Class 5)
Heats: Up to 2,500 sq/ft.
Replaces: 1,500 gallons of oil or 2,300 gallons of propane per year
Pellet Consumption: Up to 12 tons per year
Width: 24.5 inches
Depth: 33 inches
Height: 40 inches

Kedel RTB 170

Range: Up to 170,000 BTU (Input)
Efficiency: 87% (Class 5)
Heats: 3,000+ sq/ft.
Replaces: 2,500 gallons of oil or 3,800 gallons of propane per year
Pellet Consumption: Up to 20 tons per year
Width: 30 inches
Depth: 43 inches
Height: 48 inches

*Consumption and square footage are estimates based on an average home in Portland, Maine. Every house is a different. Authorized Kedel Dealers are trained to determine the Kedel size best suited for your home or business. 

Stay Connected to Your Heat

Stoker Cloud Boiler ScreenshotOur boilers come standard with a web-enabled controller which allows them to monitor local weather conditions. This allows the boiler to automatically manage its heat output in order to keep your building ideally comfortable with the most efficient use of fuel. What’s more, being connected to the web allows you to monitor your boiler remotely and enables your authorized dealer to troubleshoot all software problems remotely to save both time and money in maintaining your boiler.

Standard Features

All of our boilers come with the following standard features:

  • 30 Year Boiler Vessel Warranty
  • Compressed Air Boiler and Burner Cleaning
  • Web-Enabled Controller
  • Oxygen Sensor Combustion Controller
  • 10 to 1 Step-less Modulation
  • Weather Compensation
  • Automatic De-ashing
  • 87% Efficiency
  • EPA Approved
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 standards
  • Stainless steel burner construction
  • Robotic assembly and welding
  • More than 50,000 systems in use worldwide
  • Ideal for new construction, retrofitting existing heating systems, hydronic heating, hydronic air handlers, force hot air, domestic hot water, and cascaded designs

30 Year Boiler Vessel Warranty

We guarantee your boiler vessel will be free from defect for thirty years, provided the boiler is installed by a factory trained representative and serviced by a professional annually. Extended warranties are available with maintenance agreements from your authorized Kedel dealer.

Compressed Air Boiler and Burner Cleaning

Burning pellets produces ash. How pellet boilers deal with that ash determines the frequency of maintenance required. Kedel’s self-cleaning heat exchanger and burner saves you time and energy by doing the hard work for you. Kedel only needs cleaning once annually for average users.

Web-Enabled Controller

Our boilers offer internet connectivity via an easy LAN connection to make detailed monitoring and troubleshooting fast and straightforward for you and your authorized dealer. The controller supports:

  • Hot water priority
  • Flow measurement
  • Smoke temperature
  • Weather compensation
  • Boiler timer settings
  • Hot water timer function
  • Circulation pump control
  • Compressor cleaning
  • Oxygen control
  • Email alerts

Oxygen Sensor Combustion Controller

Our boilers include a Lambda sensor in the exhaust of the boiler to measure the oxygen levels of the exiting flue gases. This allows the boiler to fine-tune the amount of air the fan mixes into the combustion chamber,taking into account variations in pellet quality, changes in draft, and the dirtiness of the boiler. This ensures clean combustion and minimizes the need for cleaning and ash removal.

10 to 1 Step-less Modulation

Our boilers can produce as little at 1/10th of their total rate output, which means that it only produces as much heat as you need. In industry terms, this is known as “level loading.” It increases efficiency, maximizes your comfort, decreases ignitions, and eliminates the need for thermal storage.

Weather Compensation

Our boiler controls use their web-enabled controllers to monitor local weather conditions. They use the information to automatically manage heat output. This ensures the most efficient fuel-use while keeping you comfortable.

Automatic De-ashing

Our boilers use and automatic de-ashing system to move ash to a self-compressing box. This box will need to be emptied between one and three tons of pellets burned, but don’t worry about forgetting: you’ll receive an email when it’s time to empty the box. Because the ash is simple wood ash, it can be safely composted or added to your garden.

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