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Kedel Pellet Boiler

Kedel Pellet Boiler

In answer to the question of how to use less oil, Kedel was born. A simple, elegant solution for your home or business that will reduce your heating costs by 40-50% and lower CO2 emissions by 90%*. In North America, pellet boilers have been either affordable and labor  intensive or automated and very expensive. Kedel is the first stand alone pellet boiler that is affordable, automated and modular.  All Kedel boilers have the same standard features such as self-cleaning high efficiency heat exchanger, web-enabled touch screen controller, digitally controlled combustion system, and an industry leading 30 year warranty. The same Kedel can be configured in many different ways to meet your budget, space and heating requirements.Explore Kedel’s Standard Features*These numbers assume you are heating with oil or another expensive fossil fuel.

Choose the Kedel that Meets your Needs & Budget

Sized to Fit Your Structure

Kedel is available in 3 sizes: 54, 68, 102 and 170 thousand BTU outputs. Our dealers are skilled at finding the best sized Kedel for your home or business. Many buildings currently have over sized boilers that reduce efficiency and increase maintenance.  It’s important to properly size your Kedel. Our dealers determine your pellet boiler size by reviewing your current heating fuel use, existing distribution, the heat loss of the space and boiler size. Additionally, they may suggest an energy audit or build an energy model to get the best understanding of how your structure uses energy.Showcased below are our standard Kedel packages and are intended to reflect the starting installed cost. Every building is different and installation costs will vary depending upon many factors.  Starting retail prices shown are based on the Kedel-54 boiler and include the built boiler and basic installation. Your home may require a chimney liner and a hot water solution which will add to the installation costs.

Kedel Sizes

Option 1:  All in One

Our most economic Kedel, the All in One, comes with our state of the art Kedel boiler and a built in 320 lb. day hopper. It requires filling the pellet hopper and cleaning the burner plate but the price is sure to please. Easy upgrades are available for those who want even more freedom from filling and cleaning.

*Starting Installed Price:  $9,700

All in One Pellet Boiler

Option 2: Weekender

It’s called the Weekender because you can leave for a week and your boiler will feed itself while you are gone. Complete with a 700 lb. pellet hopper and a built in compressor clean out system, the Weekender is a great option for people that need a little more free time between pellet boiler visits. Add an upgrade like the Mole to extend the time to 3-4 weeks. `

*Starting Installed Price: $9,900

Weekender Pellet Boiler

Option 3: SimpleStore Mole

A step above the All in One. The SimpleStore Mole system utilizes a 6′ high by 6′ diameter 3 ton cloth storage hopper plus Mole to transport pellets from the SimpleStore to the All in One’s day hopper. This simple combination, extends your maintenance time from 2-4 days to 3-4 weeks. Pellets are delivered right to your storage hopper by a vacuum delivery truck leaving more time for you.

*Starting Installed Price: $12,900

PelleStore Auger System

Option 4: Big Bag Auger

When you love your freedom and have more room for pellet storage, the Big Bag Auger system is the perfect Kedel for you. Store from 3 to 5 tons of pellets for an automated pellet boiler experience. You need to empty the ash container every 3-4 weeks. Pellets are delivered straight to your hopper by a vacuum delivery truck and your Kedel will run by itself.

*Starting Installed Price: $13,200

Big Bag Auger Pellet Boiler

Want More from your Kedel? Expand when you need to

Mole Pellet Boiler Upgrade

The Mole

By adding the Mole, a vacuum transport system for pellets and compressor clean out system to the All in One or Weekender, you’ll lengthen the time between filling your pellet hopper and cleaning the All in One’s burner plate. The Mole works by sucking pellets from the top down and can be used with multiple storage units extending your pellet boiler visits to every 3-4 weeks.

Price: $2118

Download the Manual.

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