Kedel is listed to ANSI standards

Kedel is ANSI listedAfter extensive testing by a nationally accredited lab, Kedel met or exceeded the rigorous standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) allowing installation within the United States.

Each state, however, has additional standards that may also need to met. The two gold standards for boiler safety are the (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) ASME H Stamp in North America, and European Standard EN 303-5 in Europe and most of the world.

Some states require ASME H Stamp for boilers installed within their borders. However, many states are adopting the European standard as an alternative to the H stamp. EN 303-5 has been adopted in Vermont, Oregon and British Columbia as a way to pull down the barriers of commerce that keep high quality products from being imported into the US and North America. Other states, like Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire simply don’t require H stamp for anything other than municipal buildings and schools.

Guardian Standard Listing Certification

Kedel which is manufactured in Denmark is built to EN 303-5 standards and does not yet meet ASME H-stamp standards. In time, we hope to acquire this accreditation. Until then, Kedel is available in states that accept EN 303-5 certification or ANSI standard listing for boiler safety.