Inside Kedel

No Shortage of Loose Bulk Fuel Expected for the 2014/15 Heating Season

Following a very strong demand for bagged wood pellets and supply shortages from the last heating season, “wood pellet manufacturers are again working hard to fill late-arriving orders for additional loads of bagged pellets,” states Bill Bell of Maine Pellet Fuels Association. With the added complication of late and larger orders from retailers, bagged wood … Read more »

Cut CO2 by 90% While Reducing Fuel Costs by 50%

Maine Residential Energy Consumption

Did you know you can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 90% per year by switching from an oil boiler to a fully automated Kedel pellet boiler? Today, more than 440,000 Maine homes and another 350,000 New Hampshire homes are heated with oil–two big reasons why ME & NH have … Read more »

Kedel is listed to ANSI standards

After extensive testing by a nationally accredited lab, Kedel met or exceeded the rigorous standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) allowing installation within the United States.

Each state, however, has additional standards that may also need to met. The two gold standards for boiler safety are the (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) … Read more »