Inside Kedel

Breathe Easy, Kedel Protects Our Clean Air

We are proud to announce that Kedel boilers are Phase Two Qualified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Hydronic Heater Program. This designation is a testament to NBE’s high standard of manufacturing and is representative of their unmatched commitment to the environment. The label only further proves that Kedel boilers are the most reliable, environmentally … Read more »

Pellet Boilers are HUD Approved

Every year, Kedel experiences at least one bank or potential customer falling victim to misinformation about the federal status and financial aspects of pellet boilers. Pellet boilers have been in use for over 20 years throughout parts of Europe, but in the US are often seen as a new technology. We are working hard to … Read more »

Comfort in Routine

People are creatures of habit. We find comfort in the daily patterns of everyday living. It is a nice feeling knowing exactly how long it will take for your pizza to cook or for your clothes to dry. This value in consistency especially extends to one’s finances. Nobody likes a hidden expense or a sudden … Read more »

What is the Best Fuel Option?

Humans and their actions are negatively impacting the environment. This simple statement is becoming more widely accepted with every passing day. Doubters of climate change are finally recognizing the devastating impact humans are having on the environment. With this consensus around climate change, more homeowners are contemplating making the switch to greener fuel … Read more »

Correcting the Record

In the past couple of months, environmental groups and several major media outlets have sounded an alarm on pellet production in the Southeast United States. These organizations claim Southeastern pellet production is not environmentally friendly and is rapidly destroying the forests of the Southeast. These criticisms blame the green policies of the EU for intensifying … Read more »

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by 90%

Wood pellet boilers do so much more than cut your carbon emissions, but they are incredibly good at doing just that – while oil, gas and coal are fossil fuels produced deep within the earth’s crust over millions of years, wood pellet heat relies on trees, whose life cycle is much shorter and easier to harvest sustainably.

Save Up to 50% on Your Heating Bill

A Kedel Wood Pellet Boiler is the comprehensive solution that can completely replace your current fossil fuel heating system. Kedel boilers are fully automated wood pellet boilers that use your home’s central heating system and have a proven track record of cutting heating fuel costs by 40-60% and CO2 emissions by a remarkable 90%