Comfort in Routine

People are creatures of habit. We find comfort in the daily patterns of everyday living. It is a nice feeling knowing exactly how long it will take for your pizza to cook or for your clothes to dry. This value in consistency especially extends to one’s finances. Nobody likes a hidden expense or a sudden increase in price. We all treasure predictability and reliability.

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However, sometimes people can be too set in their ways. What used to be a reliance on tradition can turn into stagnation. Unfortunately, many homeowners have unknowingly succumbed to this phenomenon. Most homeowners know that using oil to heat their homes is expensive and extremely detrimental to the environment. While homeowners accept these facts, they are not properly informed about the alternatives, therefore, they continue to use oil as a source of fuel.

Wood pellet boilers are one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives to heating oil. Coincidentally, one of the strongest suits of pellet boilers is their reliability. With pellet boilers, a homeowner can find comfort in knowing that the pellet boiler will provide a reliable source of heat and the yearly costs of pellets will be consistent.

Always Giving Heat

People associate older models of pellet boilers with constant maintenance and people carrying 40-pound bags to refill the boiler. Those perceptions are no longer reality. The newer models of pellet boilers like Kedel Boilers require very little supervision.kedel nbe

Kedel boilers can come with a bulk storage silo, which is essentially a giant cloth bag that stores pellets. A pellet silo needs to only be refilled one or two times throughout the entire winter season. Even better, the silo can be refueled with pellets by a pnuematic delivery truck whenever you need it. Unless you desire the physical activity of carrying pellets, once your Kedel Boiler is set up, you barely have to worry it except to empty the ashes a few times per season.

Even more impressively, Kedel boilers are connected to the Internet. With them being web enabled, technicians can monitor the effectiveness of your Kedel boiler without entering your home and interrupting your daily life. For example, if one’s Kedel was not using enough pellets when igniting, a technician can remotely program your Kedel boiler to increase its dosage of pellets. This feature enables you to not worry about your heating system because you know a trained professional is taking proper care of it.

Stability in Costs

When anyone is devising a budget, consistency in prices is incredibly important. It does not matter whether it is a small business budgeting the expenses for the 3rd quarter or a parent trying to plan this week’s grocery expenses, predictability is valued. The expenses of pellet boilers are much more consistent than the costs of using heating oil or natural gas.

The price of wood pellets has been fairly stable since the late 1990s. Unlike oil prices, the price of wood pellets has not fluctuated dramatically or been a victim to outside forces. Adjusting for inflation, the price for a ton of pellets has only increased by 8.5% since 1999. Since 1999, being adjusted for inflation, the price for a barrel of oil has increased by 70%! This substantial rise in price is especially shocking considering oil prices are currently at an all-time low.

Buying a Kedel boiler is an investment that saves homeowners money in the long run. Unlike oil, Kedel boilers can guarantee savings because the price of pellets is famously consistent. Admittedly, as of now, heating oil offers greater savings because the price of oil has plummeted in the past year. But oil prices can rise just as quickly as they went down. Several business insiders and oil magnates are already predicting oil prices to break $100 next year. Heating oil prices are a rollercoaster. Unfortunately, this rollercoaster only surprises and scares the financing of your budget. Based on the graph, why ride the black rollercoaster when you can ride the green one?


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Consistently Reliable

Kedel boilers are designed to not interfere with a homeowner’s routine. With the new technology of pellet delivery and web monitoring, a Kedel does not require micromanagement. A homeowner can purchase a Kedel boiler and be at ease knowing the boiler will do its job. Homeowners can also count on a Kedel to cut their heating costs by 20%-50%, which offers significant savings after several years. Besides being extremely environmentally friendly, wood pellet boilers can give homeowners a peace of mind in their daily routine and most importantly, in their finances.