Carbon FootprintReducing your Carbon Footprint with Kedel

At Kedel, our mission is simple: To provide sustainable energy solutions for everyone.

Kedel embodies our mission as it’s one of the most effective tools to decrease your dependence on fossil fuels and reduce your heating related carbon foot print by 90%!

How is this possible? By using sustainably managed forests as fuel (part of the earth’s natural carbon cycle) and eliminating our need for fuel from dirty geologic carbon – like oil, gas and coal.

This is, no doubt, a heady conversation, so we’ve pulled together a tons of resources about reducing your carbon footprint with sustainably harvested wood pellets.

Climate Change? Zip(code) It!

Carbon footprint by Zip code.

Carbon footprint by Zip code.

Ever wonder how your carbon footprint stacks up against others? Now, thanks to University of California Berkeley’s Cool Climate Network, you can determine the average carbon footprint of a home in your town. What’s more, you can determine it’s source.

It’s not much of a surprise that the lion’s share of an average home’s carbon footprint comes from transportation and home energy consumption.

Cruise around their “cool” interactive maps by local zip codes and learn first hand the major drivers of climate change in your home town.

Average Household Carbon Footprint in Portland, Maine.

Average Household Carbon Footprint in Portland, Maine.