Breathe Easy, Kedel Protects Our Clean Air

We are proud to announce that Kedel boilers are Phase Two Qualified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Hydronic Heater Program. This designation is a testament to NBE’s high standard of manufacturing and is representative of their unmatched commitment to the environment. The label only further proves that Kedel boilers are the most reliable, environmentally friendly, and efficient pellet boiler on the market.

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Most of us are not familiar with EPA certifications and what they mean, so a brief explanation is in order. The EPA designates pellet boilers as being Phase Two qualified if the boiler’s emissions are proven through testing to be below 0.32 lb/million BTU. The EPA applied this test to Kedel boilers and discovered that Kedel boilers only have emissions of 0.07 lb/million BTU.

The EPA considers 0.32 lb/million BTU to be a good standard for particulate emissions.   With that in mind, the emissions of Kedel boilers are 75% lower than what the EPA set as benchmark for ecofriendly. That is one impressive result!

phase two qualifiedTo our knowledge, the Kedel boiler is the only pellet boiler in North America that is Phase Two Qualified without thermal storage. When purchasing a pellet boiler, please ask the salesmen for the hangtag as shown in the image. If a hangtag indicating compliance with EPA Phase 2 cannot be produced, the boiler may not operate as cleanly as you may be led to believe. With this designation from the EPA, Kedel boilers are proven again to be the most reliable, environmentally friendly, and efficient pellet boiler in North America.