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Kedel Comes with the Following Standard Features:

Self Cleaning Heat Exchanger

Self Cleaning Burner and Heat Exchanger

Burning pellets produces ash, and how pellet boilers deal with that ash determines the frequency of maintenance required. Kedel’s self cleaning technology saves you time and energy by doing the hard work for you. With the self cleaning technology, the boiler typically only needs to be opened and serviced once a year during annual service from your local Authorized Dealer.

Keep Tabs on your Kedel from Anywhere, Anytime

Web Enabled Touch Screen Controller

While it doesn’t do the dishes,  Kedel’s web enabled touch screen controller has TONS of functionality.  It can turn the burner on and off, run the burner cleaner and even start and stop the pump. If that’s not enough, fine tune the touch screen to suit your needs by adding:

  • Exhaust temperature control
  • Domestic hot water control
  • BTU metering
  • Web monitoring
Web Enabled Touch Screen

Imagine a Pellet Boiler that does the Thinking for you

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor
Combustion Controller

Kedel fine tunes the amount of air the fan mixes into the combustion chamber taking into account variations in pellet quality, changes in draft, and the dirtiness of the boiler. This ensures clean combustion and minimizes the need for cleaning and ash removal. A “Lambda Sensor” lives in the exhaust of the boiler measuring the oxygen levels of the exiting flue gases.

Too little oxygen = incomplete combustion; Kedel turns up the fan

Too much oxygen = air up the chimney; Kedel turns down the fan

If you fail to service your boiler, Kedel knows and increases the fan speed to compensate for the restrictions.

10 to 1 Turndown Ratio

10 to 1 Turndown

Kedel boilers can produce as little as 1/10th of its output, far superior to the average reduction of 1/3rd by most pellet and gas boilers in the marketplace. We achieve these results by using a smart auger which consistently meters pellet supply in the combustion chamber of our stainless steel burner. What this means for you is Kedel runs with fewer ignition cycles, uses less energy and saves you money.

Put Heat Where it Belongs, not up the Chimney

High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

Kedel removes so much heat from the pellets that flue gases exit the boiler at less than 300°F. With a dirty boiler and running at 100% power, we’re seeing 280 degree temps on the Interphase boiler. This is far lower than any other pellet boiler on the market, indicating that more of the heat is getting where you want it, into the water and less up the chimney. Low flue temperatures require a  clay or ceramic tile lined chimney. 200 degree exhaust temperatures are extremely low for a pellet boiler, indicating efficiencies that compare to condensing gas boilers.

High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

Major Purchases Deserve Major Warranties

Kedel Pellet Boiler 7 Year Warranty

30 Year Boiler Vessel Warranty

Put your worries to rest with Kedel’s industry leading 30-year boiler vessel warranty. We are so confident in Kedel’s reliability that we’ll guarantee your boiler vessel will be free from defects for 30 years.

Kedel Boiler

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