Kedel’s first web enabled pellet boiler is online!

Kedel web enabled pellet boiler mapKedel made history yesterday when we put our first web enabled pellet boiler online in the U.S.  Right now we are a small blip on the North American radar but we foresee many Kedel’s online in the near future. As a new company, we are excited about the potential of Kedel changing the fabric of our heating industry. In our current market place, there are pellet boilers that do what ours do but they are much more expensive and out of reach for the average home owner. There are also pellet boilers that fall in the same price range as ours but they can’t be used as a stand-alone heating system. They need fossil fuel backup. Can you see why we are thrilled to introduce Kedel to the North American market? Our pellet fuel based heating system is the answer to many of the pitfalls of biomass heating in the U.S.  Finally, there is an affordable, reliable and super efficient stand alone pellet boiler available. Not only are we jumping up and down with enthusiasm, our dealers and potential Kedel owners are too. We have been blown away with the incredible response to our pellet boiler. People are eager to get off the fossil fuel band wagon and go local with their heating fuel. We are determined to help them do that. Denmark pellet boiler mapYesterday, when our first pellet boiler went online, the buzz of excitement was palpable. We are doing something different! We are providing a new and amazing way for people to end their relationship with fossil fuel and start a new one with a local renewable resource, pellets.  We take our job seriously and can’t wait to be a driving force in making our planet a better place to live. We are grateful to the companies that have paved the way for us to bring this outstanding heating system to the U.S. and look forward to seeing our map become dotted like it is in Denmark.