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    Im writing about my new Kedel RTB54. It was installed last week, and I’m trying to understand the process of optimizing the settings to achieve fewer ignitions (you can see my history at

    While I recognize that we’re in the shoulder season, I am concerned about wearing out the ignition parts prematurely. Our house if 1803 sq ft and very fairly well insulated (oil consumption history averaged around 450 gallons per year for the past 6 years).

    We have our Braeburn thermostats (3 zones; 2 baseboard HW and 1 radiant floor) set with 2 degrees of tolerance.

    Our temperature-based power settings are as follows
    Temperature Power
    65 0%
    60 10%
    50 20%
    40 30%
    30 50%
    20 80%
    10 100%

    DHW is not part of our system– we have a heat pump.

    Could it be related to having the older software v7.0515?

    Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    Thank you,


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