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    I have a pretty standard Honeywell programmable thermostat ( and in the past with my oil boiler I have used it to its full capability by allowing it to adjust throughout the day, typically 55 when I wasn’t home and around 65 when I was. I have read that having temp swings like this throughout the day might not be the best for pellet systems so I was wondering what you’d recommend programming my thermostats now that I have a Kedel system and if there are any rules of thumb I should now as we are about to enter the heating season.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Thanks for posting to the forum! This is a great topic and I’ll be interested to hear from other experienced Kedelers what they are doing with their thermostat settings.

    Each house is going to be a little different, so there isn’t a formula that works best across the board. Additionally, what is most important is that you are comfortable. While heating with a pellet boiler is a little different than heating with an oil boiler, it’s not something that requires a lifestyle change and if everything is set up properly, you should be more comfortable than ever.

    For best efficiency, it is recommended that you try to keep the number of ignition cycles at or below 5 per day. Wood requires more energy to ignite than gas or oil, so we set up the system to react in such a way that it responds very slowly which keeps the number of ignitions to a minimum. Because of this, you will likely notice a delay between when you turn up the temperature and when you feel the heat. A programmable thermostat is a great way to combat this. You will however most likely need to change the times in your thermostat so it accommodates the longer warm up time. For example, if you want the house to be 65 degrees when you return home from work at 5pm, you will want to set the program in the thermostat to go to 65 at 3:30pm or 4pm. The reaction time of the boiler will greatly depend on how cold it is and how your boiler is set up.

    A 10 degree setback is a little on the high side, but it’s worth a try. If you find that it takes too long to warm up, there are multiple approaches to improve your comfort; one of which being to reduce the setback. If you find that to be the case, you can try changing the program to only allow the house to cool to 57 instead of 55. The other approach will be to make some adjustments to the boiler controller. It can be programmed to operate more aggressively with the only risk being too many ignitions.

    Lastly, in the latest version of software we have just released, there is a new function called “weather compensation” where the boiler will run differently based on the outdoor temperature. The colder it is, the harder the boiler will run. If your boiler is connected to the internet, it will find the weather data online and thus not require any extra equipment to enable it. If your boiler is not online however, an outdoor temperature sensor will have to be installed to enable weather compensation. The settings may require some tweaking, but this is easy to do and something you can do yourself. Please contact your installer to ask about the latest software.

    Please continue to utilize the forum and feel free to ask any question or post interesting information that you feel the Kedel community may benefit from.

    Happy Heating!

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    How can I tell if you have updated my boiler software? (My boiler is connected to the Internet)

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    There is a version number indicated online when you click on your boiler. It also shows up when the boiler is first powered up on the screen of the controller. We are currently on Version 10.042.

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    Gregg Loewen

    just updating.
    My controller is on version v10.0469

    Looks there have been quite a few updates over the past year!

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