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    I’ve been discussing this recently with the ReVision folks, but haven’t quite gotten a fix yet, so I thought I’d try here. Let me start with the background:

    We had our Kedel installed about 18 months ago, so last winter was our first heating season. There were several hiccups, but it felt like by the end of the winter the system was finally working at optimal. It’s a 102 system heating a 4,000 sq ft space with 5 zones, and we have two Nest thermostats (the rest are digital but not “smart”), though we really only use the one in the Kitchen/Living Room area. The basement zone is always set at 56, the upstairs zone is always set at 60, and the office zone is sometimes at 56 and sometimes at 68 when I’m working, and the den area is sometimes at 56 and sometimes at 68, but we also have a wood stove that we use a lot in there. So it’s really the Kitchen/Living Room zone that is changing regularly, and where we spend most of our time, and there we have always had it set for 56 at night (8pm) and 68 during the day (6am), pretty much every day. Here’s our boiler: http://stokercloud.dk/dev/pdarling.html

    Over the past couple of weeks as it’s gotten actually cold out (-10 this morning…), we’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem like the Kitchen/Living Room zone is able to get up to 68. Last winter, the Nest figured out that it needed to pre-heat about 3-4 hours in advance to get from 56 to 68, and it worked great. But now we’re getting up at 6am and the temp is only at 61-62 degrees, and it takes about 12 full hours to go from 56-68. By then, it’s nighttime again and it turns down to 56.

    The ReVision folks made a couple of adjustments, but still no impact. They also mentioned that the difference between 56 and 68 was too large, and that I might be better off just setting it to 68 and leaving it there. So last night I set it to 65, with the thinking that by 6am this morning it would be at 68 with the pre-heating. In fact though, the temp was 62 degrees, even lower than what I had set it to. Granted, it’s cold out (the -10 degrees I mentioned), but it is seeming like the Kedel can’t even maintain the temperature at this point. I honestly don’t know what might have changed, but any thoughts on settings changes to address this issue? It feels like something might be going on with the circulator, in that it’s not getting the water through the system, but I’m also looking at the power/output and seeing that it’s all over the place, and sometimes the Kedel turns off briefly even when there is a call for heat.

    Many thanks,

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