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    Hi Ryan,

    I realize it’s the weekend but …

    I’ve had my new Kedel boiler (baseboard radiators and hot water) for about 1 and 1/2 weeks now and for me it’s been a steep learning curve and adjustment since it operates so differently than the old oil burner. Just beginning to figure out what all the data plots mean. After the first week we got a Nest Thermostat and that has improved things quite a lot, but also raises new questions ;)

    I’ve been trying to read up on pellet boilers and the posts in this forum but I still have many questions about how to properly use and optimize the boiler, etc. But I’m going to try and keep my posts to one question at a time.

    This morning I’m comparing your boiler to my own via the stocker.dk web site, since we are neighbors.

    I’m looking at the power and output plots and I see quite different profiles.
    Both come on and go from 0 to 25 or 30. Then stay there for an hour so then start to climb. This is when I assume heat starts to come up. Both climb to 75 or 77, but my power then goes back down to 56 then up to 66 then down again, etc. Your power maintains a level 75.

    Perhaps this is nothing. The boiler temp. in my case stays around the target level and heat continues to be produced.



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    Hello Eric,

    Each system is going to run pretty differently due to the differences in the distribution systems. I have cast iron radiators throughout the house on one zone, so when there is a call for heat, it takes quite a long time for the system to get up to temperature. You can see that at 8am this morning, the boiler temperature line smoothed out on my boiler. This is because the distribution finally got up to temperature and the pump started running continuously. At that point, the boiler temperature climbed above 170 (170 is the boiler target temperature) so the power begins modulating down to try to maintain 170 degrees. If the temperature climbs above 170, the boiler power will modulate down. If the temperature drops below 170, the power will modulate up. At your place, the distribution was all hot by about 6:15am. At that point, the pump stays on and the boiler power modulates up or down, trying to keep the boiler temperature right at 170 degrees.

    When it’s colder out, my boiler also modulates down around 50% power once the system is up to temperature.

    Do you have the latest copy of the manual? In the manual, it explains the operating logic, which may be helpful for you to read.

    Thanks for using the forum and please, feel free to post more questions.


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    Thanks for the prompt reply Ryan.
    I do have the manual and will start reviewing it

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    Gregg Loewen

    hi guys!

    I just had a Kedel installed, 170,000 BTU. Is there a digital copy of the user manual ? I am travelling right now and want to read up on it. This unit is way different than my old wood furnance!



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